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Telecommunications Engineering homework help

Your team has been called by your client to rectify their current project management problem. (The team needs to address a specific Business Continuity & Disaster or anything that is related to cyber security problem or issue that is causing the company money)
I would like to see this paper address in the same way that you would address a problem at your workplace, so try to address it as a real-life scenario.
Written paper should be a minimum of 12 pages and need a PPT for the same
The paper should have included
·  Table of Content
·  A background about the company leading into the current problem there are facing
·  Problem statement- This should be a clear statement of the specific problem
·  Research objective
·  Limitation of Study…  what impacted the group to perform a complete research?
·  Literature reviews write a summary about three to 5 articles that pertains to your research.
·  Research Design/Methodology that was used……must be able to provide supporting information on why this was the best approach.
·  Findings
·  Recommendation & Conclusion