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>Statistics homework help

My college-aged twins are fans of Travis Scott. I’d never heard of him until the recent McDonalds promotion. I expect that the majority of people over 50 are either not fans or never heard of him.
a. If you did a study to investigate my conjecture, what would be your null and alternative hypotheses?
b. You happen to find recent survey results on a music website which show that over a sample of 100 under 30 year olds, 60 were fans, 30 were not and 10 had never heard of Travis Scott. A similar sized sample of people over 50 found that 40 were fans, 20 were not and 40 had never heard of him. Using this sample data, test the null hypothesis you identified in part a) at a 90% confidence level. Show your work.
c. With the data provided in part b), test whether or not people 30 or under are more likely than people over 50 to be fans of Travis Scott. Make sure to identify your null and alternative hypotheses, your test calculations and your decision based on a desired 95% confidence level.
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