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>Statistics homework help

Purpose of Assignment 
This assignment continues to connect the topics learned in the course. Week 4 is a continuation of your Week 3 paper, and the final paper.
Assignment Steps
a. Review the instructor’s feedback and update your paper. Add the following new content. This is the final paper, which will be graded. Use this paper to help prepare your Wk 5 Presentation.
b. Descriptive Statistics: Numerical Measures. Use numerical measures that might be best for summarizing the data if you had collected a sample. Recall the Wk3 Measuring Salespeople Performance Template. Lind LO1-3.
c. Descriptive Statistics: Graphical Measures. Use graphical measures that might be best for summarizing this data, if you were to collect a sample. Recall the Wk 2 Graphical Techniques Instructions 365. Lind LO2-2, -4, LO4-4, -6.
Points. Total 80 points.
Earn 20 points for reviewing the instructor’s feedback and making corrections.
Earn 60 points for completing the Week 4 topics.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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