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Statistics homework help

You have recently been hired at your dream level job in healthcare. Describe the situation. Utilizing your knowledge of the common issues in health and those in our text specific to quality.
• Give at least 3 examples of how you will utilize knowledge, skills, and abilities that you derived from our course in improving the quality at your organization.• Be as specific as possible using all the appropriate terminologies and descriptions, as necessary. • At least one of your examples should focus on the content in Chapter 7 on Six Sigma Method. • Textbook needed for Chapter 7 is: Advanced Performance Improvement in Health Care- Principles and Methods by Donald E. Lighter.
***12 pt. font, double-spaced, 1″ margins all around, minimum 800 WORDS. ***
Attach a MS Word document addressing the following question.  Your answer should include the following attributes.  Make sure to save the document periodically so that you do not lose your work.