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>Sociology homework help

Considering that average middle class families have been losing their homes due to foreclosures, a consequence of loss of employment and the crash of the housing market, how do you address the following concerns and questions brought forth by the Wright family at a town hall meeting.

  1. John Wright: “Up until 6 months ago, I was employed, and thus able to pay my mortgage and property taxes. I was let go and the town has placed a lien on my home. I do not want my family to become a statistic. How can you turn us out to the streets?”
  2. Cathy Wright: “What programs are available to assist families like us who want employment and want to pay our mortgage?”
  3. John Wright: “Where can I find an advocate who will speak for families?”

Research programs in your own community that might help the Wright family, discussing at least two programs that would help the family.  Also, in your initial response please be sure to include the actions (two at minimum) you would take as the town manager who heard from the Mr. and Mrs. Wright at this meeting.