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Social Science homework help

Assignment Content

    This assignment will continue to build upon the previous information submitted and will be a paper that includes:
    ·        A well-written introduction and conclusion
    ·        Headings to organize your thoughts and provide structure for your paper
    ·        References (see requirements below)
    ·        APA formatting of references, citations, headings, and a cover page
    Summarize the name of the city and healthcare system that you selected in Week One and include appropriate detail about the service or facility you propose, the floor plan you have designed, the workforce and organizational chart you envision, and any appropriate processes you have described that would be relevant to the final proposal.
    Include details that reflect the anticipated costs of providing the health care service and running the facility you have proposed. Include an evaluation of your planned revenue streams and determine whether you would still be in business a year after you open. It is recommended that you create a simple spreadsheet to show the financial information you will include in your final presentation.
    An example of the costs you might consider include:
    ·        Loans (property, equipment, inventory)
    ·        Rent
    ·        Salaries
    ·        Telecommunications
    ·        Utilities
    ·        Licensing and permits
    ·        Taxes
    ·        Distribution
    ·        Promotion
    ·        Maintenance
    Also, consider the following sources for income and cost-sharing:
    ·        Revenue streams
    ·        Partnerships with local organizations
    Cite three reputable references to support your assignment (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).
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