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Social Science homework help

Read the book, and write a 1000-word reflection critically reflecting on how your understanding of leadership has developed since the start of the module. You should reflect on your conceptual understanding of public leadership. Word length: 1000 words. Due date: November 9th 2020. Harvard style referencing.
Reflective writing is looking back at something, analyzing the understanding or experience, thinking carefully about what the event or idea means for you and your ongoing progress as a learner and/or practicing professional. Reflective writing is therefore more personal than other kinds of academic writing.
A few key points: Reflection is not just description. Share how your insight has developed. Be selective.
Structuring your assignment: Description: What happened? What is being examined?Interpretation: What is most interesting? How can we understand it? Outcome: What have I learned from this? What does is mean for my future?
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