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For this assignment you will collect data on two social determinants of health and two health outcomes for two counties and compare them to state and national data.

  1. Select two counties in the state where you reside (Clark county and Nye county).
  2. Select two social determinants of health and two health outcomes.
  3. Compile data on your two social determinants and two health outcomes for the two counties, and compare them to the corresponding indicators at the state and national levels. Make sure that you include the sources of data for every health indicator. Sources must be retrieved from the agency directly collecting the data, not from a magazine or journal article mentioning the data. Wikipedia is never a source. Check the attached PDF for sources of data.
  4. Present your data in a table or a bar chart similar to the ones in the attached document.
  5. Reflect on the data you collected (findings as expected, surprising, reflect what you observe in your daily personal and professional life, etc.). Approximately 100-150 words.

Resources: The attached document has data on a variety of health indicators (outcomes, behaviors, and determinants) for the Lower Rio Grande Valley and compares that data to those at the state and national levels. Use the document as a guide for a variety of indicators as well as for sources of the data; each slide includes the source of data.
The following websites provide good sources of data on a myriad of health and health-related indicators.

Your assignment will contain 16 data points per the Assignment response format attached