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There are several challenges that students face while developing their dissertation reports. The following are some of them:

Topic selection: Most students either choose a broad topic or one that lacks a secondary source of information.
Shallow literature review: Due to lack of experience, many students shallowly conduct a literature review.

Poor methodology choice: Research methodology guides the whole process of dissertation development. The methodology is like a compass that shows the direction of movement direction. The wrong choice of methodology leads to wrong results.

Poor analytical skills: Data itself is useless unless interpreted correctly. Most students lack good analytical skills to translate data into information.

Poor presentation: This is communicating to the intended audience in the form of graphs, charts, and figures. Good presentation skills are required.

Poor time management: Failure to make a good working plan leads to rushing in the subsequent dissertation process.

Data loss: Many students do not make data backups. This leads to data loss through viruses or gadget loss. Once crucial information is lost, students may be forced to go back to the field for data collection. This leads to time-wasting hence poorly analyzed data.

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