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Psychology homework help

For this assignment, you will be finding parenting advice and evaluating it based on academic research.
Format: Please write this in full sentences, 12 point font, double spaced, and using in-text citations.

  1. Find advice about parenting. This could be from websites, social media, your family members/ friends, or anywhere else you find advice!
  2. Describe at least one piece of advice that this source states.
    1. What is your opinion about the advice? Do you believe it? Why or why not?
  3. Evaluate this piece of advice using academic research articles, or information from government agencies. This may include how accurate it is (ex. I heard this, but research actually says that), whether this is just one side of the debate (ex. It is debated whether X is good or bad), or whether there is enough evidence to look at it (ex. Only one research study with 10 people was done on this). This should be a thorough evaluation. If you state the advice is incorrect, then state why it is incorrect and what evidence you are using.
    1. Finding research articles through CSUSM
      1. For the purposes of this assignment, a review or meta-analysis may be best to get a summary of the current research in the field
      2. The research should be within the last 10 years!
    2. Examples of Government agencies
      1. Centers for Disease Control
      2. National Institutes of Health
      3. US Dept of Health and Human Services
  4. Write out an APA formatted citation of the advice (if possible), and the academic research article.
    1. To learn more about APA formatting, you can go to OWL Purdue or APA style guide

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