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Psychology homework help

You have recently been hired as a Tier 1 cybersecurity specialist working on the Network Administration Team at HU Investment Firm.

During the course of your work week, you are often called upon to present technical information to non-technical people in your Firm.

This week assignment has 2 parts, a presentation and an additional step-by-step guide for the incoming tier 1 support staff.

Digital Certificate Presentation

  • Create a slide presentation on Digital Certificates with a minimum of 12 slides.
    • Use screenshots or graphics when appropriate, minimum of 2
  • Define digital certificates and explain how they are used
  • Describe the reasons for using digital certificates and why they are important to HU Investment Firm
  • Demonstrate how to create certificates and apply them to messages using MS Outlook
  • Provide at least 2 references on your last slide in APA format

Instructional Guide

  • Write a help document including step-by-step instructions for the Support Team’s Knowledge Base wiki
    • Include at least 2 screenshots as references
  • Describe the process that encrypted MS Outlook message go through and explain why
  • Explain the problems that  can arise from encryption and how to troubleshoot for those problems
  • Include at least 2 external resources that technicians can use for more information