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Psychology homework help

You have 90 minutes to complete this exam in one sitting.  For students with approved Moses Center accommodation letters, you will have the time extension as indicated in your letter.
– The timer will start as soon as you open the exam in Classes, and it will automatically log you out of the exam once the timer is up.
3. This exam has a total of 50 points (intro: 4pts; history: 9pts; methods: 10pts; neuroscience: 10pts; sensation/perception: 9pts; consciousness: 8pts).  There will be 44 multiple choices and T/F’s, as well as 3 short answers.
4. This exam will be open-book.  You may refer to your class materials and notes. However, you cannot work with others (e.g. classmates, recitation leaders, or any other online materials) for this exam. If you are caught cheating, everyone involved will receive a score of zero on this exam.