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>Psychology homework help

  Paper has to be based on the attached document (Please read). Paper must be 2 pages.
A one-to-one conversation (or a one-on-one or an organizing conversation, as they are sometimes called) is a crucial organizing skill. In this section of the assignment you will plan a one-on-one conversation, practice having one and then write up an outline of your conversation and your reflections about it. You will complete the written part of this assignment individually, but you will do the organizing conversation practice (so that you can write about it) with one of the other members of your team (or another person of your choice). Your one-on-one write up should be approximately 2-4 pages and should include:
● The purpose of your one-on-one (what do you want to know about your campaign/ what do you want to win?)
● The questions you asked and how they relate to each step of the one-on-one (introduction, issues, agitation, plan to win, the ask, and follow up)
● Critically reflect upon your own positionality and the relationship of individual, and their positionalities, to their experience, history and the issue. What they bring to the work? How might you “move them to act”?
● Reflect on your own experience of the one-on-one conversation and self-assess areas for your own improvement
● It is best to do this after your team has written your campaign plan. You can also do this assignment in tandem with the development of the campaign to help gather data about your campaign issues.
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