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Psychology homework help

For your final assignment you are being asked to write a paper (between 2-4 pages in length, APA format) summarizing your experiences in this statistics course.  The objective of this paper is to:

  • demonstrate your knowledge of the key concepts covered in the course;
  • describe how you will apply these topics to situations you encounter in a business environment; and
  • to demonstrate the use of reflection as a way to reinforce your learning experiences.

You may choose to organize your paper as follows:
I.  Summary of Learning Concepts
You should start the paper with a brief summary of your key learning points from each of the topics covered within the course.  These topics may include:

  •   Critical thinking
  •   Data Analysis
  •   Statistic tools
  •   Visualization
  •   Statistics Applications
  •   Other…

II. Application
Select two topics from the course that you will apply to situations outside of the course.  These may include situations you are currently working through or situations you may encounter in a future work environment.  For each topic please respond to the following questions in your paper:

  • How might you apply these topics to a current or anticipated work situation?  Describe the situation and how you would apply the topic to resolve or clarify the situation.
  • What are the potential benefits of applying this topic to your current or anticipated work environment?  What are the potential drawbacks?

III. Your Learning Experience within the Course

  • At what moment in class did you feel most engaged in what was happening?
  • At what moment in class did you feel the least engaged in what was happening?
  • What action that anyone (student or teacher) took during the class did you find most helpful?
  • What action that anyone took in the class did you find the most confusing?
  • What about the class surprised you the most?

Please note:  Sharing your candid observations and feedback on the use of reflection as a learning tool is strongly encouraged.  Your grade will not be impacted if this was not a helpful learning tool for you.
IV. Conclusion
A concluding paragraph/s summarizes the main idea, ties the main points together neatly for the reader, and ends with a sense of finality. Avoid introducing new ideas in the conclusion.

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