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Psychology homework help

This is what the paper needs to entail. Address the issues that are pinpointed.
12.1 Review the complex issues  associated with sexual  development during  adolescence including sex  education, puberty, teen  intimate relationships, teen  dating, sexual behavior in  adolescence, teen pregnancy,  and the issue of STIs among  adolescents (CO1,6).
12.3 Summarize the main issues  relating to sexuality in college  including sexual activities, STIs,  and the connection between  alcohol and sexual problems  among college students
Explain how intimate  relationships in adulthood  differ from adolescence and  discuss the developmental  milestones in adult sexuality  including, cohabitation and  marriage, sexual behavior,  possible sexual problems  during adulthood, and the  changes associated with  menopause (CO1,4).
13.1 Review the issue of rape  including rape statistics, how it  is defined, the perpetrators of  rape, the issue of male rape,  rape myths, the problem of  rape on college campuses, and  what can be done to reduce the  incidence of rape