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>Political Science homework help

This time, you are designing a PowerPoint (or comparable program of your choice) presentation about the policy solutions used in your country. Many of you will choose to do the same country as you did for your first assignment, but some of you may decide to switch, and that’s OK, although it may involve a little more work in terms of getting up and running.
Please see the attached document for more details, as well as a sample presentation from an assignment from a different class (I often have students do a nonverbal presentation in each class I teach so they can practice another way of communicating beyond writing a paper).
Finally, I have attached the rubric I use to guide me in assessing your work. Like your papers, I am interested in how you are doing at mastering the skills of organization, content, writing/presentation, and overall quality of the answer. Thus, the way in which you answer the assigned question is different, but the skills you need to develop remain constant.
Country is Mongolia
Can use the Policy brief 1 as reference
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