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>Philosophy homework help

here are three important instructions for these journals. First, just pick one thing to talk about – a claim, argument, position, etc. You don’t need to try to cover the entire week – don’t try! I prefer a deeper treatment of a smaller scope over a superficial treatment of a broad area. Second, the first half of your journal should be spent explaining the idea you want to discuss. Describe it as though you were presenting it to someone not in the class as much as possible. In other words, don’t write it for me! Be sure to not spend more than half the journal doing this. Lastly, the second half of the journal should see you responding to and evaluating the idea you presented. Tell us what you think of this idea – it is useful? Misguided? Needs fixing? Be sure to not just register your opinion, but to argue for it. Defend your stance as much as possible. This is the work of the philosopher and I’d like to see you getting into the game!
500 words minimum.

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