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>Philosophy homework help

Rules of engagement:

  • answer the question (e.g. Mill’s arguments are…  Rousseau lays out two arguments.  The first is… The second is…)
  • to receive full credit for the exercise, you must post a reply and respond to another person’s post
  • do not attack a person’s answer
  • no profanity or bullying
  • your response should be 300-400 words
  • cite your sources systematically (author, section or chapter, page number)
  • the content of your philosophical assessment is essential

Context: John Stuart Mill and Jean-Jacques Rousseau discuss the notions of liberty and equality in different ways.
You are required to:
Part 1:
a)       Clearly lay out their arguments about individuality, liberty and/or equality
b)       What points do they agree upon (if applicable)? (be clear about the evidence you have for your claim)
c)       What aspects do they disagree about (if applicable)? (be clear about the evidence you have for your claim)
d)       What is the significance of their articulations to our contemporary society?  Be specific. (connect points logically a + b+ c = d)
Be certain to incorporate the reading material, use your own words and cite your sources systematically.
Part 2: Select one of your peer’s responses and reply to his/her/their post.
Aim: work through the questions using your own process of thinking.  Do not be afraid to explore your thoughts and write them down.  This is about you, not me or anyone else.

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