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Operations Management homework help

During this class you will work in a team to evaluate a publicly traded company using various business analytical approaches.
Sharma (2011-2021) states that that a significant obstacle to being effective strategically is for a business not to connect objectives with measurable outcomes. One way to do this with analytics is to visually map the process. Bartlett (2013) presents various visual maps in Section 6.1 that can be used in this process.

  • Read How to translate business objectives into measurable goals.
  • Using the Business Purpose that your team defined in Week 2, create a visual map of the Purpose. Include the questions asked in Figure 6.3 Value Diagram to direct the assignment:
    • Why is this important to shareholders?
    • What do you transform and how to measure it?
    • How do you effect this transformation?
  • Have one member of your team submit your exercise to your professor by the end of the week.
  • attachment

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