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Operations Management homework help

Important Note:
Please note that the lecture provides detail important to the successful completion of the Student Exercises for this module. Please be sure to review the audio lecture prior to completing these exercises. If you have questions at any time regarding the questions, please contact your instructor right away.
· Download the Module 4 Exercises Template in the Module Assignments Area.
· Type your name in the cover sheet.
· Type the date submitted (example: August 1, 2017).
· For each heading (example: Network Organization Model) there is a sentence in the Module 4 Exercises Template to prompt you. Type directly over that sentence to follow the formatting.
· Your paper should follow APA format, and should be in your own words. Any content you take from a source must be inside quotation marks and must be cited in-text (author, date).
· In APA formatting, you are not permitted to use “I.” Instead, you must be an independent researcher. Say, “the organization” or “the salesperson,” not “I would.”
· You should list the references you used to develop your paper.
· Link to APA sample paper:
· Link to tips on creating an APA reference list in the paper:
· The Student Exercises and Management Strategy Assessment questions begin on the following page.
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