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Operations Management homework help

MGMT 3900 Individual Research Report Questions and Scoring Guide
(100 points)
cover the following topics:
• Identify the company and industry/industries that the company competes in (10 points).
• Identify the corporate (5 points) and business (5 points) level strategies of the company.
Why? (10 points)
• Identify the core competencies of the company, if any (5 points), and employ the VRIS
framework to analyze the core competency of the company and its weaknesses/problems
(10 points).
• Identify the problem that you want to help the firm resolve (10 points)
• Summarize your recommendation to the company (10 points).
• Explain the rationale of your recommendation by outlining the strategic analytical tools
and analyses that you have conducted (15 points).
• How your recommendation helps the company gain and potentially sustain competitive
advantage (10 points).
Please make sure to follow the detailed formatting requirements listed in the syllabus to avoid
potential penalty.
• Provide proper references/citations (5 points)
• No grammatical errors and typos (5 points)
Please be aware that the purpose of this research is to practice analyzing a real-world company
with the theoretical concepts and tools that we discuss in the class. Therefore, please employ the
terminologies and analytical tools of our class, avoid inventing your own terms to describe
strategies, and resist the temptation of copying existing analysis.

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