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>Nursing homework help

Please help me to rewrite and make the additions  to my speech.  the topic is National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner( NAPNAP). Please see the attached document, where you will find the introduction and  where you will see:
1. History and background of the organization : include mission and vision
2. Membership: Who are members? Requirements to be a member. Benefits of the membership.
– Mission: defines the purpose or current state of an organization. It identifies why the organization exists and what it is doing to achieve its vision.
-Vision: what an organization hopes to achieve in the future, perhaps in the next 5-10 years
– I need you to add more members of this organization(I wrote only continuing students but there is more), their requirements, and the benefits. For the information , please use ONLY this website:,optimize%20child%20and%20family%20health. Please add this source as a reference   APA 7th edition format  (IMPORTANT)
-Please  check , rewrite , and make a corrections or additions  to history and background of the organization : include mission and vision. Please use the  same resource ONLY:,optimize%20child%20and%20family%20health.
-Please add to the introduction- Attention Getter/Hook- Get audience attention 
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