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Nursing homework help

Course Readings – Case Study Discussion:  This week a case study was presented from the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI), which described a crowded clinic scenario.  Based on this week’s reading, consider the different aspects to healthcare operations and how this situation may be addressed.  Here is the case study link for your reference:
Discussion Post:  In a minimum of 150 words, respond to one of the case study questions below:
Case Study Discussion Questions – Select One
1)  One aspect of patient-centered care is fostering a culturally sensitive and diverse clinic environment that makes patients feel more welcome.  What are some ways in which this may be accomplished?
2)  If you currently work in an office practice, how would your patients’ experience change if what the author calls “advanced access” were implemented?  How might advanced access change your experience as a patient?
3)  In order to provide good care for a culturally diverse patient population, it is important to gain some understand of their ways of being (their belief systems, their traditions, their feelings towards western medicine, etc).  Can you think of a particular patient population in your area that may have unique beliefs about health and illness that would be important to understand?
4)  How well do you know your patients?  Can you think of a patient population (a culture, ethnicity, religious group, sexual orientation, etc) with which you do not have much familiarity?  How might this lack of knowledge impact your care?