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Nursing homework help

Listed below is the requirements for the Paper:
Mental Health Reflection Paper Assignment
This paper should be written based on your clinical experience during your clinical rotation. Reflect back on a patient, situation and/or diagnosis that you were exposed to. All of the following must be followed to receive credit:
3 references from journals, textbooks, or from .edu and .gov websites
APA formatting must be used for all cites
Proper grammar & punctuation
Title page, body, reference page
Cultural considerations for this patient.
Include any culturally related biases that you may have and how you may have to adjust your thinking or how you speak to a patient
Minimum 5 pages (not including title page, reference page & abstract)
Please include: *Describe the situation *Define any meds and diagnosis that you talk about, remember to cite *How did you feel about what you are describing? *How does this experience influence your thoughts or feelings regarding this situation, the meds, the diagnosis? *How does this experience affect your path through nursing school? *How does this experience affect your future as a registered nurse?