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>Nursing homework help

Some of the revisions requires:
1. APA Horizontal List – In running text, a series of items is designated by letters in parentheses: (a) first item, (b) second item, and (c) third item. the following three principles will be adhered to (a) respect for persons, (b) the respect for justice, and (c) the respect for beneficence.
2. Citations where needed and if appropriate.
3. On page 5: “You have to connect this sentence with the previous one.  Indicate how the digitization relates to gathering data.  If that comes in the following sentences, perhaps rearrange the order of the sentences so readers are not confused.”
4. I am not sure how to address this question/comment “Should these two, last sentences be in the opposing argument, or the rebuttal?” on Pg 6
5. On Pg 10. I am not sure how to address the comment/feedback “Confused – already wrote lastly. Now I’m not sure of the order or to what thirdly is referring to.”
6. On Pg. 11, can you help fix his concern “Confused – Does this relate to the “Thirdly” in the previous paragraph? I think additional / different headings relating to your Intro will help guide the reader as to the layout of this section, as well as the flow.”
7. “Let’s stop here.  You should apply the preceding notes to the opposing section, but I’d like to see a revision of the Pro position section before moving forward.
Look at your headings to help guide the reader.  This will reduce redundancy as well, as each sub-topic will have its specific place in the section.”
Organization of Content Main ideas arranged effectively (5) Level 1 Heading – Support Thesis using current academic articles and books and points of view/ or Describe subject & bioethical relevance using current academic articles (15) Argument well supported with references, ethical theory and principals Supporting argument 1 theory, 3 principles/ (15) Level 1 Heading – Opposing position supported by references, ethical theory and principals opposing argument 1 theory and 2 principles (15) The Arguments cannot use the same theory or principles Level 1 Heading – Flaws with either of the supporting/opposing arguments (5) (does not need to be both) Level 1 Heading – Faith Integration (10) Level 1 Heading – Value to Nursing using Standards of Practice/Code of Ethics/Social Policy Statement Integration & Clinical practice application (15) Stuff you need to integrate throughout: Supporting Material Quantity of resources (2) Variety of resources (2) Multidisciplinary resources (1) You must include the Annotated Bibliography & Reference page to obtain points (1) PLEASE let me know if you have any questions or concerns. please
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