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Marketing homework help

Answer the prompts in the “Guided Peer Review” outline below to analyze the “Colony Collapse Disorder” essay and upload your document when finished.
Guided Peer Review
1.         Read instructions all the way through first.
2.         Read the essay all the way through without making notes or editing.
3.         Write a brief summary of the essay in your own words.
4.         What is the author’s main point?  What is the one thing he or she is trying to argue, explain,  or show?
5.         Evaluate the effectiveness of the intro and conclusion.  Does the intro effectively capture your attention?  Does it clearly include the essay’s main point?  Does the conclusion provide a satisfying ending?
6.         Evaluate the use of transitions.  Does the author provide effective connecting sentences and phrases between points?  Is the author showing the relationship of the essay’s sections to each other?
7.         Evaluate the author’s use of evidence.  Does the writer use:
A.        specific examples
B.        quotations from credible sources
C.        information or opinion from experts
D.        statistics from credible sources (mark sources that you think are not very credible)
Does the writer use a variety of these?  Do they rely too much on one type?
Do some sections rely too much on one source?
8.         Evaluate the essay’s development of ideas.  Do some sections need more evidence to support their main idea?
9.         Explain what the strongest or most enjoyable section of the essay was.
10.       Explain what the essay needs to do to get better.
11.       Evaluate the author’s use of the correct APA format.  Is their essay correctly formatted?  Do they properly cite their sources in the text?  Is their references page correct?
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