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Marketing homework help

Case study topic: anti-dumping measures of fatty alcohol
In July 2012 Indonesia requested consultations with the European Union with respect to the imposition of definitive and provisional anti-dumping measures by the European Union on the importation of fatty alcohols.
Introduction: 1-2 pages
Provide a historical overview of the trade case. Your overview should answer the following
questions AND provide context to the rest of the report.
• What countries are involved?
• What commodity(ies)?
• What is the trade policy being analyzed in this report?
• When did the trade policy first come into effect?
• What happened after the trade policy first came into effect?
Trade Dispute: 1-2 pages
Research the trade dispute for your case and describe the scenario.
• What countries are/were involved in the trade dispute?
• What are the issues being raised?
• Is there a formal organization the dispute was raised to? WTO?
o Is the case ongoing, or has it been resolved?
o What was the outcome? What issues remain unresolved?
o How many times has the case been raised?
• If no formal trade dispute has been raised, should there be one? What are the potential
ramifications of this trade barrier, and who would feel the effects? (Requires critical
thinking and research about agricultural statistics for different countries).