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Marketing homework help

In closing out Module 2, take time to reflect on the class topics, the Racial Wealth Gap Simulation and your thoughts, feelings and emotions. In 500-750 words, share your thoughts on the following:

  • My Roses – areas of personal growth.
    • What mental models are you starting to see shift? What did you learn from the Racial Wealth Gap Simulation? How does what you learned help your understanding of racial inequities? How are your emotional intelligence, cultural competence, and critical thinking skills developing? What’s helping you to grow or think differently in some areas?
  • My Thorns -areas of challenge and discomfort.
    • Have any conversations or concepts make you uncomfortable? If so, why? Where are your struggles in developing a multicultural perspective, engaging critical thinking or emotional intelligence (especially empathy)? What short and long-term goals can you set to address them or explore additional knowledge or understanding?
  • My Buds – areas of promise, opportunity and hope.
    • Looking toward the future, why is important for you to develop a multicultural perspective, and increase your skills in critical thinking, cultural competence and emotional intelligence? How can they benefit your career and personal life?