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>Marketing homework help

Please respond to the following 4 topic areas on 4 PPT slides, based on the information you have in the HBS Case
[Slide 1] – According to the case, what are the main issues that the Barbie brand is facing? What are the ongoing controversies about Barbie?
[Slide 2] – What is the influence of Barbie on society? And what is your analysis of Barbie’s repositioning efforts in connection to that?
[Slide 3] – Develop a perceptual map* of the category and plot the various products/brands. Plot where you believe Barbie is currently positioned on the map. Please choose your axes wisely as discussed in class.
[Slide 4] – What would you recommend that Mattel does next with the Barbie brand? Please consider the changing trends for the industry, retailers, consumers, etc.
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