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>Management homework help

In this assignment, you will be in the role of supervisor.  Based on your last, you are assignment the scenario below.  You are encountering an issue with your team, which you need to solve.  To answer the questions – do not look for a specific ‘correct’ answer.  It is more important that you describe your answer in detail, as there is no right or wrong answer.  If you choose not to fully explain your answer, you will have points deducted.
All employees at a factory are receiving a large bonus if there are no reported injuries for six months. As a result, some employees are hiding their injuries so that they do not cause others to lose their bonuses
Provide an overview of one motivation needs theory and one process-based theory in relation to this group.  Explain your answer.  Feel free to use your imagination and if you need to create additional characteristics of the group that are not in the written case study.
What are the reasons for the negative consequences of these bonus programs? Modify the program to resolve the problem by doing the following: 1) suggest a change in work arrangements and 2) suggest an organizational reward.
This assignment puts you in the role of the supervisor.  Instructions for the assignment are in the document.  Feel free to write directly in the document.  Be thorough in your answers, describing why you are recommending the things that you do in your answers.  For example – do not just say ‘equity theory’ is best.  You should describe equity theory as it pertains to your scenario, in order to receive full points.
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