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Management homework help

Assignment Content

  1. Congratulations! You went on Shark Tank and the panel of financial investors has moved you to the next round. The panel is interested in your business but has additional questions that must be answered. Combine the information you’ve compiled thus far and include your promotional strategy to present your final Shark Tank pitch.
    Develop a 12-16-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes. Complete the following in your presentation:

    • Summarize your brand and your product or service
    • Explain your value proposition
    • Identify your Demographic and Psychographic Target Markets
    • Determine a Competitive Analysis (pricing/distribution/technology)
    • Outline your Promotional Strategy
    • Demonstrate your expertise by addressing the following items in a way that would persuade a potential financial investor panel
    • Justify how you arrived at your price
    • Explain the role social media will play in your promotional strategy
    • Discuss how you arrived at your manufacturing/resources/labor costs
    • Conclude with a persuasive recap of your argument.
      Submit your assignment.
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