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Information Systems homework help

Discussion 605
implementing an enterprise system is complex, time-consuming, and typically requires the help of a consulting firms or vendors. Much of the complexity is due to getting new apps or system modules to interface with existing or legacy systems that are several generations older. Why then should a CIO consider implementing an enterprise system for the organization? In your answer, present your rationale and argument for using the selected methodology and if the project should impact this decision.
This short essay should be 100 words (not including references) and you must provide evidence for your position using 1 academic or professional sources.
Discussion 610
1. Review “Investigating the risk-return relationship of information technology investment: Firm-level empirical analysis” and provide the information requested in #2.
2. In 10 sentences or less and not more than 250 words, identify and discuss the following:
a) The problem statement or the thesis of the paper.
b) The argument(s) or claim(s) of the paper.
c) The methodology used in the paper.
d) The finding(s) or the outcome(s) of the study.
Sonenshein, S. (2009). Emergence of ethical issues during strategic change implementation. Organization Science, 20(1), 223-239,277. Retrieved from