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In order to familiarise new international students of Charles Darwin University (CDU) with the culture of Australian Aboriginal people, the College of Indigenous Futures, Arts & Society asks you to hold a workshop (which can be considered as a project). The project is expected to be completed within 3 weeks and this workshop should be held in CDU (Casuarina) campus and cater for about 100 internal students and 50 external students. The budget allocated for this project is AUD 3,000.00.
Answer the following questions (you can make assumptions in answering the questions).
Question1 (6 marks)
i) Explain why holding this workshop can be considered as a project.
ii) Identify the stakeholders for the project.
iii) Identify the constraints of the project.
Question 2 (4 marks)
i) Divide the project into project stages and explain the factors you have considered to split the project into these stages.
ii) Explain how you can control a project by splitting it into stages.
Question 3 (5 marks)
i) Develop a Product Breakdown Structure (PBS).
Question 4 (9 marks)
i) Identify the potential risks and the corresponding responses (identify at least 2 risks).
ii) Identify the risk response types.
iii) Assess the risks.
iv) Outline the risk tolerances.
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