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Information Systems homework help

1)Conduct a literature review on Strategy and explain how single sign-on in banking is applied to an Information Technology organization. (  You will expand on the issue and how researchers have attempted to examine that issue by collecting data – you are NOT collecting data, just reporting on how researchers did their collection.)
2)   Minimum 1500 words. Cover page, table of content, and reference pages do not count.
3) Have attached instruction attachment, please look at it.
4) please cover all these points regarding single sign on in banking industry IT
a) what is the benefit of a single sign-on
b) why do we need single sign-on
c) are we saving money by implementing single sign-on
d) what are the consequences if signle sign-on is used
e) adaptability to single sign on
f) what type of security does it provide?
5) please check out APA format instructions ( below)
a) Research paper must be in APA style (version 6)
b) minimum 2 citations per paragraph
c) 3-5 sentences per paragraph
d) Paper format: A literature review.Must have at least 10 works cited
e) Cited work — no older than 5 years. All work must be peer-reviewed articles
Please cover this in ppt
o Cover
o Topic
o Background of the problem
o Research Questions (if any)
o Methodology
o Data Analysis
o Conclusion
o Discussion
  • attachment

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