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Information Systems homework help

1) What is you experience in working with multiple connectivity platform: i.e. mobile connectivity, wireless, air cards.
What is your experience in working with software troubleshooting, configuration and repair?
2)  What electronic inventory management systems have you utilized?
3)  Please explain your system administration experience and background. Be as specific as possible.
4) What types of project coordination have you done, and what overall project management role did you provide?
5) Please describe the types of technical projects have you been involved in?
6) Have you ever formally, or informally, been in a staff lead position? How many staff? Please explain
7) With this being a 24-hour environment, are you aware of or have any concerns with 24/365 support?*
8) What is your current experience with providing user support remotely? What tools have you used to provide this support, i.e. TeamViewer, Remote desktop?
9) What is your experience in a fast paced, hectic environment with constantly changing priorities and crisis’?* Please explain.
10)  What is the largest environment providing frontline technical support you have experience with?
11) What is your comfort level or experience in working independently or with limited supervision?
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