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Information Systems homework help

Context Scenarios And Requirements Assignment

Last week, you developed personas around a new application you are developing that will let homeowners manage various things in their household,  This week, you are going to develop context scenarios for each of your personas (for a total of 2) for how they will use this application.
Write this in the structure of several narrative paragraphs first so you have a “story” to work from.
I highly recommend taking at look at the personas your groupclass mates have developed and refine your personas before you undertake this activity.
Then, I would like you to synthesize the requirements from your context scenarios.  Remember, requirements consist of objects, actions, and contexts.
You will be submitting a word document containing your requirements, with your completed context scenarios as an appendix.

  • You must come up with no fewer than 20 requirements for your application
  • For each requirement:
    • Clearly identify your objects, actions, and contexts.
    • Clearly label the place in your context scenario that led you to create the requirement

For Example:

Notify (action) users who might also have the ability to run a report (object) that a report is current running (context)1
Context scenario:
…Once Roger starts the report generation process, he lets John Smith know what he is doing so that they both are not running reports simultaneously.  This would drastically reduce system performance.1
Please note that these are not the only ways to label the elements I am looking for.  If you want to use colors, images, etc. that is more than fine provided the elements I am looking for are clearly labeled!

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