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Information Systems homework help

The attached document is my dissertation topic, Please make the required changes to the document to meet the following feedback
Feedback: While this seems like a good study, note that health information security is well-researched, so you should conduct a thorough literature search to identify a specific gap (i.e. what has not been studied in the past). The gap you covered are those regarding security (vulnerabilities); not gaps in literature on the topic.
You stated, “The study’s purpose is to find out the existing privacy and security risks in health information provided by patients while in healthcare facilities.”, which is still too generic. Note that this has been covered multiple times in the past. Please narrow the focus of your study.
You should also consider excluding participants younger than 18 years old since they are minors and will require many levels of permission, especially when health information is involved. If these are patients, how would they help you in assessing existing privacy and security risks? Shouldn’t you be targeting healthcare workers?
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