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Information Systems homework help

Disseration topic -PhD research topic: Issues for coordinated transmission techniques in next generation 5G wireless networks?
there are  4 types 1)topic proposal: You need appropriate background to outline why this research topic is important. This should be an appropriate problem in that area.
2)topic elaborate: This submission does not identify a novel problem that can be stored for a PhD dissertation. What specific issue related to IaaS do you plan to explore? You need to identify a novel problem and an industry or vertical that the problem relates to. Please do additional literature review to identify an appropriate problem.
3) literature about this topic as you did eariler with 5 articles
4) discussion: For this discussion. Identify two new research articles. Discuss annotated bibliography of two articles related to your topic.—11/2 pages
Topic proposal : half page, topic submission : 3 pages: literature review : 2 pages as of now, 4 discussion: 1 1/2 page
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