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>History homework help

The Assignment:  Compare and contrast working conditions in factories in 1900 (United States) to Chinese Iphone workers in the 21st century.  Describe the situation that capitalism and capitalists demand and the resulting working conditions.  Be specific.  When discussing the conditions within a US industry in 1900 choose one specific industry, such as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.
Use data from textbooks; research Internet and obtain data on Apple’s Iphone workers in China.  Note the working conditions, industrial accidents, economic, social, psychological impact of the working conditions.
Research at least 5 outside scholarly sources and document your work.  (5 outside soruces + textbook = 6 sources)  See Pocket Guide for writing “comparative essay.” Use index.  Use JSTORE or Google Scholar.  JSTOR is a KCKCC database.  You must establish the FREE account.
Also see Library LibGuides in menu Left of Content area.  Go to “see content”…and establish an account with KCKCC email.
Use either footnotes or endnotes
this the link to textbook;
Below is a link that briefly explains working conditions in iphone factories.