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History homework help

Instructions: The research project consists of two parts: the research paper written, and the PowerPoint presentation of country research results.
Expected time of presentation is 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for Q and A. So, have more information/pictures to talk about in the PowerPoint. More than 10 slides. (The paper should be 8-10 pages long. Use the MLA format.)
1.PowerPoint – 15 slides
2.Research Paper – 9 pages
The country to be research will be “Slovenia”
Research Paper Outline (MUST INCLUDD BELOW):

  • Country’s geography and demography: location, population, main resources, etc.
  • Country’s history for at least last 100 years.
  • Country’s political system.
  • Country’s social and cultural traditions.
  • Country’s economy.
  • Type of a business that you would like to open in this country: product/service, location, potential suppliers, and consumers.