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History homework help

 Papers should be approximately 2000 words.
 All papers must be properly referenced using the MLA/APA format.
 All essays must be typed following the following format: Times New Roman; Font size
12; Double Spaced; Margins Justified
 All papers are due in Week 10. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.
 All papers MUST be accompanied by a Declaration of Plagiarism form, properly
completed and SIGNED by the student.
 You must submit your paper in soft copy (no hard copies are accepted) as a TURNITIN
 Your research paper must be written in the form of a Journal.
 Your Journal must be recorded over a 3-5 days period. That is, you have to give details
of incidents, etc. for three to five days.
 Your Journal must be written in the 1st person – that is, YOU are the person writing the
 Your account must be based on facts, therefore, you have to research the topic you
choose and based on the facts, imagine what things would have been like and write about
 You should write an account based in Trinidad and Tobago!!!

  1. Imagine that you are Christopher Columbus and you have landed in the Americas for the first time. Write in your diary about the indigenous people you found and their reception to your arrival.