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DCL Reflection Assignment:  Critical and Creative Thinking and Assessments
Assignment Instructions: Write a 400-500 word substantive journal describing how a graduate of this course would employ critical and creative thinking to assist with the assessment of an organization.
As you reflect upon this module, think about how creative thinking is related to critical
thinking and how a Sergeant Major can benefit by incorporating the concepts to solve problems within their organizations by maintaining awareness of their cognitive biases.
In your journaling process, think about how the concepts of critical and creative thinking could help you assess an organization. Consider explaining the concepts of the three main topics and then illustrate in an example of how you would use it as a Senior Leader.
DCL Reflection Journal (Upload to e-Portfolio when complete):
Capture ideas and reflect on personal experiences pertaining to the module content. Journaling is a continuous reflective exercise designed to assist students in developing contextual relevance of subject matter for practical application. It also provides instructors with insight into student understanding of key concepts.  Reflective exercises (journaling) are essential in the development process. Journal entries will assist in constructing the course capstone project.
Learners are expected to use the journals to gather, record, and store select evidence and capture reflective thoughts relevant to their learning and continued growth.
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