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Personality Assessment
Personality/career assessments are commonly used in business to evaluate potential job candidates. Each test is slightly different and the personality types range from a total of 4-16.
However, these tests are also very useful in professional selling as salespeople learn how to adapt to the personality type of potential customers in order to develop rapport, remove communication barriers, and earn trust.
DIRECTIONS: Review the Adaptive Selling video on Canvas and the Lecture. Complete the following exercise for a total of 10 participation points. The assignment is due on Friday, October 2, 2020.
This assessment is based upon your perception of your personality (I perceive myself as…) and helps to determine if you are one of four different personality types: Feeler (introvert or extrovert), Sensor, Intuitor, or Thinker.

  1. Download the assessment: Communication Style Participation Assignment-1.docxPreview the document
  2. There are two category/tables on the form  – Dominance and Sociability – with answers on the left and right of each table. You need consider which answer best describes you
  3. Check one of the four boxes between the answers on the left and right. If the answer to the right or left accurately describes you, then check the box closest to that answer. If the answer to the right or left is is somewhat accurate, then check one of the two middle boxes dependent on which side is more likely.
  4. Please select the answer/box that is closest to describing you and answer honestly.
  5. Upload a copy of your completed assessment to this participation assignment and note which personality type you believe accurately describes you in the blank located in the header.
  6. Be sure to include your name, EUID, and section in the footer.
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