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Assignment Content

  1. Research four different firms from the S&P 500 to determine the criteria they have used to develop an ethical culture within their firm (e.g. their code of business ethics, ethics governance committees, employee acknowledgements, public relations efforts or marketing).
    Discuss the following questions:

    • What kind(s) of information does each firm include in their ethical statements or documentation?
    • Is there a designated team or governing structure that oversees ethics for each of the firms?
    • What messages are the firms attempting to send to their employees?
    • What messages are the firms attempting to send to their external customers?
    • Why do you think that being perceived as “ethical” may or may not be important for a business?
    • What are some other potential strategies that the firms may want to consider, and why?
    • Create a 10- to 15-slide visual presentation with speaker notes in which you summarize your conclusions.
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