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Financial markets homework help

Project Handout – Project Report Due on Monday 12/14 @ 3 pm PART I: Choose a physical product PART II:
1. For the category selected start by identifying a consumer problem or unmet consumer need. This can come from your personal experience or your observations of other consumers. HINT: See your textbook, Observation and Chapter slides on Observation Technique.
2. Outline the product features and benefits that solve the consumer problem.
3. Brand Name: Suggest a product name and justify your decision (Assume this is a new
brand. Cannot use an existing brand name.)
4. Package and visuals: How would the product stand out? PART III:
1. Clearly specify the segment you are targeting and why you are choosing this segment? HINT 1: Segment should be the group of consumers who has the unmet need and most values the benefits. HINT 2: See your textbook Segmentation Methods
2. Who are the key competitors and what are their benefits? How is the new product
superior to the competitors you identified? PART IV:
1. Design two print magazine ads for your target segment. Draw, sketch, collage etc. (The content is what matters not artistic skills).
2. What is the message and appeal? Justify your answers. HINT: See your textbook, Advertising Message
FORMAT Title: Your name Part I: Category Selected: ………… Part II: 4 paragraphs, one for each bullet point. A total of about 250 words for all 4 paragraphs. Part III: 2 paragraphs, one for each bullet point. A total of about 125 words for both paragraphs. Part IV: 1 paragraph, about 50-70 words. Then, insert your ad as described in the Document posted on BB – “How to Insert an Image File Into a Discussion Board”. Part V: Project presentation – Guidelines for your project presentation will be available on BB. SUBMISSION – Deadline Monday 12/14 @ 3 pm
• Go to the Project Forum and follow the same process you followed for your Online Assignments
• Make sure to CLEAR FORMAT prior to posting
• Submit ONE post ONLY. Additional posts will not be considered. NOTES
• For the sake of transparency and fairness, all project-related questions should be posted in the Class-related questions forum. Not by email.
• I included the number of words for each part of the project to help you write answers that are complete and concise. The number of words is approximate.
• Do not spend too much time selecting the product. Once you select one, do not change it –restarting will not be easier and the project will take more time than what is needed.
• Good luck!
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