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English homework help

 Read Chapter 9 (Sound) pages 320 to page 356 and watch Almost Famous (USA 2000) directed by writer and filmmaker Cameron Crowe,  to answer the following “Questions for Review” (at the end of the chapter, page 356,  Sixth edition):
1) Describe how sound design is used in Almost Famous.
3) Give one example of diegetic sound, and non-diegetic sound in Almost Famous.
6)Give an example from Almost Famous of ambient sound and sound effect.
8) How does sound call our attention to both the spatial and temporal dimensions of a scene? Explain from any scene in Almost Famous.
9) Cite an example (from Almost Famous) of a sound that is faithful to its source and an example that is not faithful.
10) Explain the importance of a sound bridge and its functions using any scene from the film Almost Famous.
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