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English homework help

Submit your Reference page for your Documented Argument Essay in APA here. Submit as an attachment so that the formatting is retained.
Here are some guidelines to remember:
1. Your reference page should have a minimum of four entries, meaning four sources. At least two of your sources should come from the MDC databases.
2. Formatting for reference page:
a. Center the words References one inch from the top of the page.
b. Double space within and between entries–no extra spaces between entries.
c. Every line after the first for each source is indented.
d. Sources are listed in alphabetical order.
e. You can use one of the citation builders to create the entry: Easy Bib, Citation Machine, or an othe that you find reliable and helpful. HOWEVER, remember that these don’t always provide you with the correct spacing and indentation, and you may have to tweak those in your paper. Also, check that the entry looks like an APA reference page entry should for the type of document you are citing–whether a journal article, an interview, a magazine article, a chapter from a book, etc.
3. Email your professor with questions. You want to get this right so that no points are lost to formatting errors.
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