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English homework help

Assessment of your learning:

Read paragraphs 1-5 of Matthew Crawford’s  “Attention as a Cultural Problem” pp. 37-38. That is his introduction! Read the whole article if you want…we will later, but if you have time now, go for it!
Please view this video. 
Is College Worth It? – YouTubeIn which John ponders whether a college degree is worth the high tuition, student loans, opportunity cost, and low-paying entry-level positions involved. Is …
Choose one intriguing rhetorical choice that John Green makes in this video or that Crawford makes in his introduction that your classmates have not commented on. (no “what they said” moves here!)  Explain it next to your name!  (be sure to use the author/speakers name so your readers (me and classmates) know who you are talking about!  Write as much as you want.)  And use the “comment” feature (up by the blue Share
icon) to comment to one classmate
The person to reply to
Zanoni, Michael A.
In the video, “Is college worth it?” by John Green, I quickly noticed that the statistics he used would be a definite example of logos. Using the example of the price of college, as well showing the math if college is even worth it, gave me as the viewer a statistical point of view of college in relation to price $.  Green also gave examples of pros and cons of going to college, by showing wages in relation to college pricing.