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Week 11: Addressing IssuesActivity – Revised Proposal

compass icon-01.png Overview:

In the first unit of this course, you completed a Unit 1: Research Proposal assignment in which you proposed the research question and central issues that you wanted to write about in the course. Now, as we enter the final weeks of the semester, you will look over your previous proposal and update it. You will turn in a new, revised proposal for this assignment, which will count as part of your overall grade for the Unit 3: Addressing Issues project.
As you prepare to write your final proposal, look back at all of the work you have done over the past few weeks to refine your topic and issue, formulate questions, listen to other perspectives, and build the basic “ingredients” of your approach to addressing the issue.

quill icon-01.png Assignment:

Write a brief research proposal for your topic for the Unit 3: Addressing Issues Research Essay. For this proposal, revise and/or rewrite your previous work from the Unit 1 proposal assignment. 

This proposal should outline the issue you will address in your research essay, the audience affected, the context and scope of the issue, the main claims you will pursue, and the specific perspectives you will consider. The proposal should also name 3-5 sources that you will use to support your approach to the issue. From this proposal, a reader should be able to understand that you are listening carefully to a relevant conversation about an issue important to one or more actual communities.
Submit your final proposal for the research essay to this assignment as your response.

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