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>English homework help

  1. Presentation work: Work on your presentation.  Continue developing slides for Project 2. Upload your first draft of the PowerPoint slides to the Assignment link Project 2 – First Draft. This draft must include:
    • Initial slide
    • Outline slide
    • Introduction/backgroud slide
    • Thesis slide
    • 5-10 Main body slides
    • 1-2 Conclusion slides
    • Works Cited slide (at least 5 sources)
  2. Blog 4: Click on the Assignment link: “Blog 4: Project 2- Preliminary Research”Write a blog about your preliminary research on your approved topic. This needs to be in Standard Academic English, but it does not have to be a structurally organized entry. In 300-400 words summarize what you have discovered and your initial response to the information obtained. You will be graded on your thoroughness of research and your academic use of the language.
  3. Note:i choose kashmir conflict of 1947(indian and pakistan)
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